Dr. Konrad Blendinger

Veterinary Practice, Hofheim-Wallau, Germany

Sept 26th – Nov 4th 1983: Course on Artificial Insemination in Cattle and Swine; Neustadt/Aisch, Germay
Oct 1983 – Aug 1989: Veterinary School (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität), Munich, Germany
Jan 7th – Jan 17th 1986: Special training in claw-care and claw diseases, cattle; Achselschwang, Germany
May 1st – Jul 31th 1987: Student assistant at the Veterinary School, Munich, Clinic for Reproduction
Aug 21st 1989: Approbation (Graduation Vet School)
Sept 1989: Temporary replacement in a private veterinary practice (large and small animals)
Oct 1st – Dec 31st 1989: Internship at the Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen, Germany, Reprocuctive Clinic (Ambulatorische und Geburtshilfliche Veterinärklinik).
Jan 1st 1990 – Dec 31st 1994: Scientific assistant, Vet School, Giessen, Germany
Nov 30th 1994: Postgraduate title: `Fachtierarzt für Zuchthygiene und Besamung` (veterinary specialist in breeding hygene and insemination)
Jan 3rd – Sep 15th 1995: Assistant in a small animal veterinary practice, Cologne, Germany
Since Oct 16th, 1995: Private veterinary practice in Hofheim-Wallau, Germany
Jan 25th 1996: Promotion (thesis on the use of an antiprogestin in the canine pyometra)
Sept 4th 2002: Postgraduate title: `Fachtierarzt für Klein- und Heimtiere` (veterinary specialist for small / companion animals)
Since Jun 2005: Board member of the EVSSAR (European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction)

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