Dr. Barbara Bockstahler

University of Vienna, Austria

1987-1994: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria
Diploma Programme of Veterinary Medicine (MVM)
1994-1995: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria
Doctoral Programme of Veterinary Medicine (Dr.med.vet.)
„Numerische und strukturelle Chromosomenanomalien in soliden Tumoren der Katze` (‚Numerical and structural chromosomal anomalies in solid tumours in cats‘)
January 2004
Specialist for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine Member of the examination board
September 2007
Certified Canine rehabilitation practicioner (CCRP)

Career progression
October – December 1995
Veterinary clinic Katzensteiner, Vienna
1996 – September 2002
Joint partner of an animal ambulatory clinic, Vienna
September 1999 – November 2000
Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
• Buildup and establishment of outpatient clinic
• Acupuncture
• Physiotherapy in ambulant and stationary patients

November 2000 – November 2003
Clinic for Surgery and Ophthalmology University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Head of the Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic
November 2003 – current
Movement Science Group University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Leader of the project team ‚Motion Analysis in Dogs‘
• Establishment of the laboratory for motion analysis
• Performance of kinetic and kinematic motion analysis
• Supervision of doctoral students
• Scientific guidance and performance of studies within the frame of motion analysis

In the course of her clinical and scientific career Dr.med.vet. Bockstahler has held numerous lectures in Austria and abroad. Dr.med.vet. Bockstahler has conducted intensive research on gait analysis in dogs since 2003.

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