Certificate Program

How to apply?

Application Period

Winter Semester 2019:
15 April – 31 May 2019

How to apply for the Certificate Program

To apply for the Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice in the discipline of your choice, the following documents need to be submitted as an e-mail attachment in digital form either as Word, PDF or JPG file. Please make sure to send the files attached individually and named accordingly to their content (NOT ALL IN ONE DOCUMENT!). Non-EU candidates are required to submit certified true copies of their application documents. These documents will be forwarded to the Post Graduate Program Committee. You will be notified in due course whether your application has been accepted and receive an invoice to pay a registration fee.

1) Personal identification

  • One passport photo (to be forwarded via post to the ESAVS, Schadtengasse 2, 55765 Birkenfeld, Germany), size 35x45 mm, in color, against a clear background
  • One copy of your passport or personal identification card

2) Proof of academic background

  • A copy of the translated version of your university diploma, if the original degree is in a language other than French, German or English (translated by a certified translator)
  • A copy of the itemized transcript of all the marks obtained you can provide at the time of the application
  • A copy of the translated version of the itemized transcript of all the marks obtained, if the original transcript is in a language other than French, German or English (translated by a certified translator)

3) Proof of health insurance coverage

  • A copy of the European health insurance card (both-sided) or a certificate of affiliation with a social security scheme indicating the period of validity (not mandatory for Non European Students)

4) Proof of required professional environment and position*

  • Name and type of clinic, practice or institution
  • Proof of required clinical facilities, governance and patient care – please refer to Clinic Requirements
  • Exact position title
  • Nature of duties and responsibilities
  • Duration of employment

5) A detailed CV in English*

  • Please download template: Personal CV

6) Selected course curriculum

  • Please request the respective curriculum form for your disipline at the ESAVS Office

7) Proof of participation in ESAVS course(s) in the past – if applicable

8) Fees

  • A non-refundable application fee of 60,00 Euros has to be paid to ESAVS upon submitting your application documents. The application fee is to be paid in connection with submitting your complete application documents, only within the designated application period for the respective semester. Please be aware that otherwise the payment cannot be allocated and the application may not be processed.
  • A non-refundable semester administration fee of 250,00 Euros has to be paid to ESAVS upon approval of your application. The semester fee is to be paid only after approval of your application and after you have received the invoice. Please be aware that otherwise your payment cannot be allocated.


For details please see section “Admission and Fees”

Please note: Your application may only be processed if
a) your application documents are complete (1.-7.)
b) the application fee of 60 Euros was received
c) the documents and fee were sent within the designated application period for the semester you would like to enroll in, not any time sooner or later (please see Important Dates)

We ask for your understanding that your application may not be processed if all of the above requirements are not met.

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