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ESAVS Office:

Business Manager: Mr. Wolfgang Fuchs

Office Manager: Ms. Ewelina Maudet

Associate Manager: Ms. Astrid Knauber

PR & Marketing Manager: Mr. Gleb Levin

Accountant: Ms. Corinna Rein-Lish

Master & Certificate Program Coordinators: Ms. Julia Halo, Ms. Katharina Hoos, Ms. Emery Currier

Office Assistants: Ms. Erica Adams, Ms. Nicole Flick, Ms. Elisa Baron

Office Hours

Monday – Friday

08:30 – 17:00

Phone: +49 6782 23 29
Fax: +49 6782 86 930 28

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Office Germany
Schadtengasse 2
D-55765 Birkenfeld

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