01/05/2019 - 05/05/2019 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Principal Course Master:
Prof. Dr. Reto Neiger DECVIM-CA, DACVIM (DE)
Course Masters:
Dr. Christiane Stengel DECVIM (DE)
Dr. Jarno Schmidt MRCVS, DECVIM-CA (DE)
Program Overview

Due to the high interest in the Internal Medicine discipline, as of 2018 parallel to the Internal Medicine study program in Utrecht, ESAVS offers an alternative Internal Medicine program which has the same scope covering all relevant topics of Veterinary Internal Medicine in a total of 6 weeks of residential course work.
While equivalent to the Utrecht IM – study program in content as well as in regard to ECTS Points meeting all requirements for the Certificate and Master Degree in Internal Medicine.

Please note that the new study program has a different structure and is composed of 6 one week (5 day) Courses:

  • Internal Medicine: Gastroenterology & Liver and Pancreas
  • Internal Medicine: Nephrology & Endocrinology
  • Internal Medicine: Respiratory and basic Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine: Haematology and basic Oncology
  • Internal Medicine: Infectious diseases / Immunology and basic Neurology
  • Internal Medicine: Toxicology and basic Emergency and Critical Care

Each course can be taken independently in any sequence as fits your schedule. The courses are case oriented with emphasis on practical problem solving exercises.

Course Overview
Clinical work-up of internal medicine hematologic, immunologic problems and basic oncology will be presented in a case oriented approach. Typical and less common problems of dogs and cats presented with diseases involving clinical and laboratory abnormalities involving the entire hematologic system (red and white blood cells, thrombocytes) and oncologic cases will be used to demonstrate a structured and problem-oriented work-up.
Preliminary Program (Subject to change)
Wednesday, 1 May 2019
• Tumour aetiology and tumour biology for clinicians
• Tumour staging methods (radiography, ultrasound, CT, tumour markers, biopsies).
• Cytology: general approach
• Paraneoplastic syndromes
• Principles of chemotherapy
• Adverse effects of chemotherapy
• Principles of surgical oncology & radiation oncology
Thursday, 2 May 2019
• White blood cell abnormalities
• Lymphoma
• Lymphatic & myeloid leukaemia
• Canine mast cell tumours
• Splenic abnormalities (including haemangiosarcoma)
Friday, 3 May 2019
• Anaemia – regenerative
• Anaemia – non regenerative
• Transfusion principals
• Polycythemia
• Primary coagulation disorders
• Secondary coagulation disorders
Saturday, 4 May 2019
• Hyperglobulinaemia
• Immunological problems (SLE, Polyarthritis, etc.)
• Infectious diseases (Leishmaniasis, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Hepatozoonosis, etc.)
• Feline F-diseases (FIV, FeLV, FIP)
Sunday, 5 May 2019
Cases, cases, cases

Total hours: 40

ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): 34

ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 5


Registration and fees
Tuition fee: Euro 1.950.-

Early registration: Euro 1.850.-

(deadline for early registration payment: 30th October 2018)
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