Dr. Claudio Bussadori

Veterinary Clinic Gran Sasso, Milan, Italy

1982 Graduated Doctor in Veterinary Medicine
1993 ECVIM ca (Cardiology) Diploma (Founding Diplomat)
1993-1999 Vice President of ECVIM
1997-1999 ESVC President
2001 Graduated Medical Doctor
2002 Honorary member of the ESVC board

At Clinica Veterinaria Gran Sasso in Milano: Clinic director, Cardiology consultant and Director of an ECVIM residency programme on cardiology. Research fellow of the paediatric cardiology department of S.Donato Hospital.

Field of research
Echocardiography and interventional treatment of congenital heart diseases in dogs and humans.

163 papers published on Medical and Veterinary journal including original articles, congress abstracts and book chapters.