Certificate Program

How to apply?

Application Period

Winter Semester 2023:
1st  – 31st May 2023

For participants from EU countries, Norway and Switzerland, the certificate program is offered in collaboration with the University of Luxemburg (UL). The UL evolved from the former “Luxemburg university center”, which was a partner organization in the creation of ESAVS in 1991 in the frame of the Comet program of the EU. The UL can only admit potential students, who hold a residence of the state of Luxembourg or are citizens of one of the EU states, Norway or Switzerland.

For participants from non-EU countries, the certificate and master programs are offered under the patronage of the “Federation for EDucation in Europe” (FEDE) which has audited and officially approved our certificate and master degrees. FEDE is an international association of ca. 500 private schools of higher learning in a variety of domains from sustainable development to veterinary medicine and holds participatory status in the council of Europe. FEDE strongly promotes educational quality in his member institutions by complying with European standards.

The Certificate program (CSAVP) and the Master program (EMSAVM) are the two continuing education options ESAVS provides. The CSAVP is ideal for candidates who want to enhance their knowledge in a highly specialized field while avoiding the extra time required for the EMSAVM. Although the EMSAVM does require a greater time commitment, it is perfect for those who desire a more comprehensive scope of knowledge and expertise within their chosen discipline. Before a student enrols in either program, they should consider which option is more suitable to their academic aspirations and time requirements.

Please be aware that it is not possible to obtain the CSAVP and the EMSAVM in the same discipline. This means once you have completed the CSAVP you may not „continue or add on“ the EMSAVM in the same discipline, since validated course work or written work cannot count twice for two separate certifications/degrees.

It is however possible to switch from the CSAVP to the EMSAVM program (and vice versa), during your enrolment time, as long as you stay in the same discipline and switch not later than two years after the initial date of enrolment. All current ECTS credits will be transferred; the maximum study time still applies from the time of initial enrolment. It is only possible to switch programs once.

Important Info

Please note: the CSAVP and the EMSAVM are both one-time study programs at the University of Luxembourg. This means all disciplines fall under the same generalized degree. Because the degree is the same regardless of discipline, it is only possible to obtain one master and one certificate degree. You cannot, therefore, apply to more than one discipline for either program.

How to apply for the Certificate Program

To apply for the Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice in the discipline of your choice, please take the following steps:

1) Contact the ESAVS Office via Email (master-certificate@esavs.eu or info@esavs.eu) expressing your interest in applying for the respective program/discipline. 

2) Make an online payment of the application fee (60 Euros). Click here to make your payment.

3) After receipt of a confirmation of payment for the application fee, please submit the documents in the following list as an e-mail attachment in PDF format only.

Please make sure to send the files attached individually and named accordingly to their content (NOT ALL IN ONE DOCUMENT!).
These documents will be forwarded to the Post Graduate Program Committee. You will be notified in due course whether your application has been accepted and receive an invoice to pay a registration fee.


List of Application Documents:

1) Personal identification

  • One passport photo, size 35×45 mm, in color, against a clear background (please email to master-certificate@esavs.eu
  • One copy of your passport or personal identification card

2) Proof of academic background

  • A copy of the translated version of your university diploma, if the original degree is in a language other than French, German or English (translated by a certified translator) 
  • A copy of the itemized transcript of all the marks obtained you can provide at the time of the application (the final grades of all courses in your veterinary study program)
  • A copy of the translated version of the itemized transcript of all the marks obtained, if the original transcript is in a language other than French, German or English (translated by a certified translator)

3) Proof of health insurance coverage

  • A copy of the European health insurance card (both-sides) or a certificate of affiliation with a social security scheme indicating the period of validity. Please note: the proof of health insurance coverage must be provided again with re-enrolment for each new semester! 

4) A detailed CV in English* 

  • Please download template: Personal CV 

5) Selected course curriculum 

  • Please request the respective curriculum form for your disipline at the ESAVS Office 

6) Proof of participation in ESAVS course(s) in the past – if applicable 

7) Fees

  •  A non-refundable application fee of 60,00 Euros has to be paid to ESAVS upon submitting your application documents. The application fee is to be paid in connection with submitting your complete application documents, only within the designated application period for the respective semester.
  • A non-refundable semester administration fee of 290,00 Euros has to be paid to ESAVS upon approval of your application. The semester fee is to be paid only after approval of your application and after you have received the invoice. Please be aware that otherwise your payment cannot be allocated.

For details please see section Admission and Fees”


Please note: Your application may only be processed if:

a) your application documents are complete (1. – 6.)
b) the application fee of 60 Euros was received
c) the documents and fee were sent within the designated application period for the semester you would like to enroll in, not any time sooner or later (please see Important Dates)

We ask for your understanding that your application may not be processed if all of the above requirements are not met.