Dr. Angela Fadda

University of Berne, Switzerland

Curriculum Studiorum
• July 1996: Graduation (mark 60/60) at the classic high school “GD Cassini” in Sanremo, Italy
• October 2001: Graduation (mark 102/110) in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Parma, Italy

Work Curriculum
• 2001/02: formal observatory training at the school of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy
• 2002/3: general practitioner at the private practice “AmbulatorioVeterinarioTariccoRavera” directed by Dr. M. Taricco, Sanremo, Italy
• 2003/04: In charges of emergencies and ICU duties at the “OspedaleVeterinarioCuneese” directed by Dr. D. Camuzzini, Cuneo, Italy
• 2004/05: Internship (focused on internal medicine and neurology) at the “OspedaleVeterinarioAnubi” directed by Dr C. Brovida, Turin, Italy
• Since 2004: Practice owner “AmbulatorioVeterinarioDr Angela Fadda – Dr. Alexandra Cafasso”, Sanremo, Italy
• 2004/06: externship (focused on neurology cases) at the “Veterinary Teaching Hospital” school of Veterinarian Medicine, University of Turin, Italy
• 2004/07: consultant as first opinion neurologist at the “OspedaleVeterinarioSanremo” directed by Dr M. Taricco, Sanremo, Italy
• Since January 2011: Residency in Neurology (ECVN), University of Bern, Switzerland