Dermatology V

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09.05.2022 – 03.06.2022

Online Course

EURO 2.050.-

EURO 1.950.-(early registration deadline: 22.11.2021)

Total hours: 40
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA
ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 5

Program Director/Principal Course Master:

Prof. Dr. Lluís Ferrer, DVM, PhD, Dipl.ECVD (ES)

Course Masters:


Course Overview

This course has three different parts. The first part of this course focuses on a group of dermatological diseases of enormous importance and that do not stop growing: the genodermatoses or diseases of genetic origin. The improvement in the molecular tools has allowed the identification of the genetic defect underlying many common hereditary skin diseases, as ichthyosis, paw pad hyperkeratosis or acral mutilation syndrome. The clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of the most prevalent genetic skin diseases will be discussed in detail. The second part of the course focuses on the etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases due to behavioural disorders. The third part discusses the clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of the main skin neoplasms.

Learning outcomes:
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Diagnose and manage most prevalent genodermatoses of dogs and cats. Understand and correctly use genetic tests.
2. Diagnose and treat most prevalent skin diseases of dogs and cats caused by behavioural disorders.
3. Diagnose and treat most prevalent skin neoplasms of dogs and cats.
4. Follow a correct diagnostic protocol to diagnose a dog/cat with single/multiple skin nodules.

Main topics:
Skin diseases of genetic origin (genodermatoses). Ichthyoses. Hyperkeratotic and parakeratotic syndromes. Hyaluronosis. Dermoid sinus. Genetic alopecias and hairless breeds.
Psychogenic and behavioural dermatoses. Acral lick dermatitis. Tail biting and flank sucking. Feline psychogenic dermatoses.
Cutaneous neoplasms. Papillomavirus infections. Epithelial and melanocytic neoplasia. Mesenchymal neoplasms. Mast cell tumours. Lymphocytic and histiocytic neoplasms.

Special pathophysiology focus:
Mechanisms of oncogenesis.
Genetics of hair-coat and hair-coat colour in dogs.

Therapy focus:
Anti-anxiety and behaviour modifying-drugs.

Cytology lab (cytologic diagnosis of skin nodules).

Journal clubs.

Course program