Emergency and Critical Care

Emergency & Critical Care I

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Online Course

15.04.2024 – 19.04.2024

EURO 2.640.-*

EURO 2.540.-*(early registration deadline: 31.10.2023)

* eLibrary access is included in the course fee

Total hours: 40
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA
ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 5

Principal Course Master:

Dr. Nadja Sigrist, Dipl. ACVECC/ECVECC (CH)

Course Masters:

Dr. Katja-Nicole Adamik, Dipl. ACVECC/ECVECC (CH)

Course Overview

This veterinary course in emergency and critical care is organized with the following emphasis: veterinarians that are actively integrated in an emergency service need continuous education and training. This course should give the candidates an introduction into the state of the art of emergency medicine and at the same time it is the first basic part followed by an advanced course for veterinarians involved in ESAVS continuing education.

At the end of the course the student should be able to:

– Recognize a life threatening problem and prioritize actions
– Recognize different forms of shock and know how to treat it
– Assess the needs of fluid therapy and know how to give it
– Recognize and treat the most common medical and surgical emergencies
– Have a basic knowledge on cardiopulmonary resuscitation
– Use narcotics and analgesics in critically ill patients


– Triage/ Emergency Facility
– Respiratory Assessment and stabilization of the patient with respiratory distress
– Diagnostic Imaging Thorax
– Chest Trauma
– Fluid therapy
– Shock
– Analgesia and Anesthesia of the Critically Ill
– Status epilepticus
– DKA/Hyperglycemia
– Addisonian crisis
– IMHA and ITP
– Paraplegia and Paralysis
– Head Trauma
– Aproach to the acute Abdomen
– Diagnostic Imaging Abdomen
– Hemoabdomen
– Cardiac Emergencies
– Treatment of arrhythmias
– Acute renal failure
– Emergency blood work
– Heat stroke
– Dystocia and neonatal resuscitation

Case Discussions
– Respiratory Distress
– Fluid Therapy
Practical Labs
– IV Access
– Airway Access
– Abdominal emergency surgery