Feline Soft Tissue Surgery

Combined course

09.10.2021 – 16.10.2021

20.10.2021 – 21.10.2021

EURO 2.750.-
(*Special price for Residents
EURO 1.650.-)

Total hours: 40
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA
ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 5

Program Director/
Principal Course Master:

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gilles Dupré DECVS (FR/AT)

Course Masters:


Course Overview

Feline soft tissue surgery course: A complete new programme with Online sessions between 9th-16th October and Practical session on 20-21stOctober THV, Vienna.

This course is a combination of online recorded webinars with interactive debriefings, online lectures, daily assignments and 2 days of practical session in Vienna.
It will give you the opportunity to learn about specificities of soft tissue surgery in cats and what makes it different from dogs. It covers a broad range of topics. The basic knowledge is delivered through recorded webinars that you can listen to at your own pace. Proper surgical diseases and skills are presented in interactive online sessions. You will evaluate your understanding by doing your daily assignments and we will work together on surgical skills specifically adapted to cats.
I will be joined by 2 fantastic experts for this course, Laurent Findji and Poppy Bristow. Do not miss the unique opportunity to know more about soft tissue surgery in cats.

Course program (Subject to change)

Saturday, 09/10/2021
08-09.30 Introduction
Course Introduction
Feline skin healing: What is different from the dog
Saturday, 09/10/2021 - Monday, 11/10/2021 Feline surgical oncology
Webinars + Assignments
5 Webinars
• Feline SCC
• Feline Oral tumors
• Feline STS and FISS
• Feline osteosarcoma
• Feline mammary tumors
Tuesday, 12/10/2021 free webinars
Webinars + Assignments
• Ear anatomy in the cats
• Otitis in cats: What is different?
Wednesday, 13/10/2021 (Online)
8.30-1 pm: Ears and Head and Neck
• Debriefing assignments
• Ear neoplasia (not scc) and Naso-pharyngeal polyps
• Surgical techniques: How I do a LBO, VBO, TECA
• Decision making process for ear surgery approaches in the cat
• Thyroid and parathyroid diseases: Surgical aspects
• Laryngeal disease in the cat: An overview
Thursday, 14/10/2021 free webinar
Webinar + Assignment
• FLUTD surgery Current knowledge Webinar
Friday, 15/10/2021 free (Online)
08.30-1 pm: Urinary tract
• Debriefing assignments
• FLUTD surgery
o Current knowledge Webinar available from monday
o Techniques for bladder and Urethral calculi
o Ureteral stones: Stent vs SUB vs Surgery
• Urinary tract trauma and salvage procedures

Friday afternoon ‘s assignments:
• Journal club

Saturday, 16/10/2021
• Surgical diseases of Liver and Gallbladder
• Intestinal surgery in cats: Case based

Trauma specific to feline species
• Diaphragmatic hernia
• High rise syndrome

Practical sessions

Vienna/Austria, 20 – 21 October 2021

• Abdominal anatomy
• Gallbladder surgery
• Small intestines/Large intestines
• Diaphragmatic hernia
• Urinary tract surgery
• Ear surgery: VBO, LBO, TECA, Thyroid
• Reconstructive surgery FISS
• Single-double mammary strips

Course location

thv – International Training Center for Human & Veterinary Medicine
Bergmillergasse 5, Stiege 2, Top 3, 1140 Vienna, Austria