Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine III

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31.05.2021 – 11.06.2021

EURO 3.150.-

Total hours: 80
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA
ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 10
Course Overview
This veterinary course on internal medicine is designed for veterinarians who wish to broaden their knowledge in internal medicine of companion animals.
By attending the three modules of the training program listed below veterinarians can expect to acquire post-academic training in the majority of `disciplines` of internal medicine.
Some subjects for which a special course is organised will be discussed in short sessions, the other subjects will be discussed more extensively.
The intensive training will be at an advanced level with major emphasis on case-oriented and problem-solving approaches. The aim of the course is to give participants a sufficient level of competence in veterinary internal medicine to solve most of the problems in daily practice and to facilitate their collaboration with specialists in referral clinics.
The complete training programme consists of three periods of two weeks (10 days each), during which lectures, demonstrations, case presentations and laboratory studies will be presented. The periods of two weeks will be given during three succesive years. The course language will be English.
– Course I: Clinical pathology (Blood results), cytology, ECGs, Gastroenterology, Hepatology – Small Animals
– Course II: Cardiology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology, Nephrology/urology, Feline Medicine – Small Animals
– Course III: Neurology, Oncology, Haematology, Intensive care/emergency medicine, Immunology – Small

Preliminary course program (subject to change) Week 1

Monday 31/05/21
Morning Introduction neurology (Dr Overduin)

Afternoon Paroxysmal neurological diseases (Dr Overduin)

Tuesday 01/06/21
Morning Emergency Care I (Dr C Valtolina, Dr Robben)

Afternoon Ultrasound abdomen (Dr S Boroffka)

Wednesday 02/06/21
Morning Anaesthesiology/Painkilling (Dr J Uilenreef)

Afternoon Immunology I (Dr F Broere)

Thursday 03/06/21
Morning Oncology I (Dr E Teske)

Afternoon Oncology II (Dr E Teske)

Friday 04/06/2021
Morning Neurological cases I (Dr Q Stassen)
Afternoon Endocrinology, The Sequel (Dr HS Kooistra)

Preliminary course program (subject to change) Week 2

Monday 07/06/21
Morning Oncology III (Dr E Teske)

Afternoon Neurological cases II (Dr Q Stassen)

Tuesday 08/06/21
Morning Emergency Care II (Dr J Robben, Dr Valtolina) ET

Afternoon Oncology IV (Dr E Teske)

Wednesday 09/06/21
Morning Emergency Care III (Dr J Robben, Dr Valtolina)
Afternoon Emergency Care wetlab University Clinic (depending on COVID-19 restrictions)
Thursday 10/06/21
Morning Immunology II (Dr F Broere)

Afternoon Coagulation Cases (Dr E Teske)

Friday 11/06/2021
Morning Ophthalmology: eye to internal medicine (Dr M Boevé)

Afternoon Cases, blood results, varia (Dr LM Overduin + Dr HS Kooistra +
Dr E Teske)

Course location

Hotel Mitland Utrecht, Ariënslaan 1, 3573 PT Utrecht, The Netherlands