Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine: Critical Care & Toxicoloy

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Giessen / Germany

20.04.2022 – 24.04.2022

EURO 2.050.-

EURO 1.950.-(early registration deadline: 15.11.2021)

Total hours: 40
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA
ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 5

Principal Course Master:

Dr. Hendrik Lehmann DACVECC (DE)

Course Overview

Clinical work-up of dogs and cats presented with critical care problems and how to treat and manage them will be presented in a case oriented approach. Typical and less common toxicological cases as well and critical care diseases (DKA, Addison crisis, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, hypoglycaemia, etc.) of dogs and cats will be used to demonstrate a structured and problem-oriented work-up.

Course program (subject to change)


Course location

Frankfurter Straße 114, 35392 Gießen, Germany