Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging – Focus On: Neuroimaging

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Barcelona / Spain

08.11.2024 – 10.11.2024

EURO 2.140.-*

EURO 2.040.- (early registration deadline: 24.05.2024)*

* eLibrary access is included in the course fee

Total hours: 24
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA

Principal Course Masters:

Dr. Ines Carrera, MVM PhD Dipl.ECVDI (UK)

Dr. Laurent Garosi, FRCVS, Dipl.ECVN (UK)

Course Overview

If you are a clinician having access to MRI or an imager wanting to improve your neuroimaging skills, this course is designed for you and aims to bridge the gap between the consultation and the MRI room. Combining the experience from a neurologist and an imager, we will make MR neuroimaging practical for you putting it in the context of the neurological and neurosurgical clinical approach.

The course comprises of two online lectures and 3 days residential course. The online lectures will be given prior to the start of the course, and will serve as an introduction. The first lecture will be given by Laurent Garosi and will provide you with the tools on how to approach a neurological patient and how to use these same tools when reading MR images. The second lecture will be given by Ines Carrera and will explain MRI sequences and how to approach systematically an MRI study.

Learning Outcomes:

The 3 days course will will include a great variety of brain and spinal cases covering the most common neurological presentations. The main aim is to feel confident aftger the course on how to use MRI in the context of a neurological or neurosurgical patient. You will obtain skills on how to read an MRI and give a logical differential diagnosis list combining the information from the neurological approach and the MR images.

Course program (Subject to change)

Friday, 8 November 2024 - Intracranial presentations
– Video tour of intracranial presentations and how to organise your differentials

– Brain tumour: MRI characteristics and treatment options

– GME, NME, NLE – can they be differentiated on MRI and does it matter?

– Infectious disease of the brain: beyond Toxoplasma and Neospora

– Cerebrovascular accident: do they actually exist in dogs and cats?

– Metabolic and congenital brain diseases

Saturday, 9 November 2024 - Common cranial nerve disorders & Spinal disorder
– Neurological causes of blindness

– Trismus

– Dropped jaw

– Facial paralysis

– The many faces of vestibular disorders

– Top tips to differentiate clinically spinal from neuromuscular disorder

– MRI guided tour of the many types of disc herniation

Metabolic and toxic diseases will be explained with detail, including the clinical signs, MRI features, the diagnostic tests to carry depending on the clinical suspicion and possible treatments. The most common congenital diseases will be discussed, the MRI features will be shown, and the clinical management will be explained.

Sunday, 10 November 2024 - Spinal disorders
– Ischemic myelopathy

– What can you gain from imaging spinal trauma?

– The pug and French bulldog catalogue of spinal and spinal cord malformation

– Cervical spondylomyelopathy: beyond the Doberman

– Lumbosacral disease

– Discospondylitis and spinal epidural empyema

– Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia: from clinical signs to MRI and management options

– Vertebral column and spinal cord neoplasm

Course location

Hotel H10 Casanova, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 559, 08011-Eixample , Barcelona, Spain