Oncology III



15.04.2021 – 17.04.2021

22.04.2021 – 24.02.2021

Online Course

EURO 2.050.-

Total hours: 40
ATF hours (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland): TBA
ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 5

Program Director/
Principal Course Master:

Dr. Jarno Schmidt MRCVS, DECVIM-CA (DE)

Course Masters:

Dr. Laurent Findji, DECVS (UK)
Dr. Maurice Zandvliet DECVIM-CA (NL)
Dr. Brissot, Hervé DEDV, DECVS (UK)

Important Note:

This is an online course with live lectures running from Thursday to Saturday noon (15-17th April 2021 and 22-24th April 2021). It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure adequate internet access and availability to follow the course. It will not be possible to view the lectures before or afterwards. Times in the programme refer to Central European Time (CET). Course notes will only be provided in digital form.

Course Overview

Oncology III builds up on Oncology I&II and address a variety of highly interesting neoplasms including tumours of the respiratory and urogenital tract as well as ocular, auricular, endocrine and miscellaneous intrathoracic tumours. There will be lots of interactive and case oriented work using a systematic approach to the cancer patient. This includes recognizing symptoms, interpreting radiographic & cytological findings, choosing appropriate staging procedures and formulating a therapeutic plan.

Oncology I is mandatory before continuing on to the next courses. Oncology II and Oncology III can be taken in any order. Oncology IV can be taken only after completion of all Oncology modules.


• Nasal & thoracic tumours (& thoracic surgery)
• Genitourinary tumours & mammary tumours
• Endocrine neoplasia
• Ocular, ear and CNS tumours
• Miscellaneous tumours

Online course program (subject to change)

Thursday, 15/04/21
8:30 Welcome & registration
9:00-16:30 CASE-BASED: Canine and feline nasal, frontal sinus & laryngeal tumours (Zandvliet) (120 min)
Modern radiation therapy techniques and their use in head & neck tumours (Zandvliet) (60 min)
Ocular, periocular and retrobulbar tumors (Findji) (90 min)
CASE-BASED: Tumors of the pinna, auricular canal and bulla (including cholesteatoma) (Findji) (60 min)
Friday, 16/04/21
8:30-17:00 CASE-BASED: Canine and feline lung tumours (Schmidt) (60 min)
Surgery of laryngeal, tracheal & lung tumours (Findji) (60 min)
CASE-BASED: Tumours of the chest wall (Findji) (60 min)
CASE-BASED: Intralesional and intracavitary chemotherapy, electrochemotherapy, mesothelioma and malignant effusions (Schmidt) (120 min)
COX-Inhibitors: facts, fiction and clinical use (45 min) (Schmidt)
Saturday, 17/04/21
9:00-12:30 Thymoma, Heart-Base and Cardiac Tumours (Schmidt) (45 min)
CASE-Management: Tumours of the peripheral nervous system (Brissot) (75 min)
CASE-Management: Parathyroid tumours (Schmidt) (30 min)
Surgery and perioperative care parathyroid (Brissot) (30 min)
Thursday, 22/04/21
8:30-17:00 CASE-Management: Brain tumours
(incl. Feline hypersomatotropism) (Zandvliet) (90 min)
Canine & feline adrenal neoplasia (Zandvliet) (90 min)
Insulinoma & paraneoplastic hypoglycemia (Zandvliet) (45 min)
Surgery and perioperative care adrenal glands & pancreas (Findji) (45 min)
CASE-Management: Canine thyroid tumours and feline tumours (Schmidt) (45 min)
Surgery and perioperative care thyroid (Findji) (20 min)
Friday, 23/04/21
09:00-16:30 CASE-BASED: Tumours of the penis and prostate (Brissot) (90 min)
CASE-BASED: Testicular tumours & miscellaneous tumours (Schmidt) (60 min)
Case management session: tumours of the vagina, vulva, uterus, ovaries (Brissot) (90 min)
Mammary tumours CASES (Schmidt) (60 min)
Mammary tumour surgical approach, tips & tricks (Brissot) (30 min)
Saturday, 24/04/21
9:00-12:30 Case management: urinary tract tumours (Schmidt) (90 min)
Renal, ureteral and urethral tumours & surgery of renal and urinary tract (including interventional radiology techniques) (Brissot) (90 min)
Casus system, Exams & ESAVS Master & certificate (Schmidt)
Q & A and preview of Onco IV (Schmidt)