Prof. Dr. Francis Fieni

Ecole Nationale Veterinaire,
Nantes, France

Francis Fiéni graduated from Toulouse Veterinary School in 1982. He has taught animal reproduction at Nantes Veterinary School since 1985, as well as agregé in 1991, associate professor in 1993, PhD in 1995, full professor in 2006, and diploma from the European College of Animal Reproduction. He did his PhD Thesis on the techniques of freezing caprine embryos. Then he focused his research interests on the security of embryo transfer and created a research unit on the sanitary security of biotechnology of reproduction with a focus on (i) bovine in vitro-produced embryo security and (ii) equine and small ruminant in vivo-derived embryo security. He has managed this unit for 15 years. He has participated in the HASAC research subcommittee since 2012 and become the chairman of this committee in 2014. In the same year, he took charge of rewriting the manual. His goal as a member of the board of governors is to put high energy into developing these two very important subjects