Prof. Dr. Franck Forterre

University of Bern, Switzerland
PD., Dr., Dipl. ECVS

Studies at the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire Toulouse, Doctoral thesis at the surgical department of the small animal clinic LMU Munich.
1993-1998: Assistant in Surgery/Neurosurgery at the small animal surgery department of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
1999-2005: Senior physician in Neurosurgery at the small animal clinic of the Free University Berlin.
Since 2005 Senior physician in neurosurgery at the small animal clinic of the Tierspital Berne.
Author of multiple publications, book chapters and presentations in neurosurgery. Reviewer for selected neurosurgical papers in multiple journals, member of the editorial board of Veterinary Surgery and Veterinary Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology.
Main research topics: thoracolumbar disc disease, atlantoaxial instability.