Important dates for Master and Certificate students:

Application period (new students) – winter semester 2023:  1st – 31st May 2023

Winter semester 2022 – 2023:  Start 19th September 2022 – End 11th February 2023

Summer semester 2022 – 2023: Start 20th February 2023 – End 16th September 2023

Examination date – summer semester 2022 – 2023: 14 June 2023

Graduation Ceremony for Master students of the year 2022 – 2023: TBA

Submission of written assignments (case logs, case reports): At any point in time during your enrolment, but not earlier than having attended at least one course in the major subject. In order to guarantee an evaluation of your assignments and validation of ECTS credits in the same semester, please do not submit your written assignments any later than the given deadline for the respective semester:
Deadline for the winter semester 2022-2023: 2nd December 2022
Deadline for the summer semester 2022-2023: 2nd May 2023