Individual Courses and Comprehensive Study Program

This small animal ophthalmology program consisting of one 10-day and two 5-day residential courses offers comprehensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease.

Ophthalmology I

The first module is lecture based and deals with the pathology of disease, its diagnosis and medical treatment.
Topics cover clinical examination, diagnostic imaging, neuro-ophthalmology, conditions of the eyelids, orbital disease, conjunctival disease, the lacrimal system, cornea, lens, uvea and retina.

Ophthalmology II

The second module is primarily a surgical wet lab, but also includes practical instruction on cytology pathology. Participants of this advanced course are Introduced to the rules of microsurgery, the equipment necessary to perform microsurgery and the various surgical techniques employed in the treatment of ocular diseases in small animals.
Topics cover microsurgical techniques, eyelid surgery, corneal surgery, lens surgery, glaucoma surgery.

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